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Overcoming Sugar Addiction book
Amazon 4.5 star rating
An interview with author Karly Randolph Pitman
If you can't stop eating sugar once you start, if you want to free yourself from painful consequences of a sugar addiction, then this book offers hope through a personal story of redemption. Watch this video of the author. A 4.5 star rating on Amazon! Get it FREE from publisher Five Oceans Press and pay only shipping and handling of $7.95

Meet the author

Karly Randolph Pitman is a teacher, author and champion for our human tenderness. She midwives people in healing food, sugar and body obsessions.

Karly's work arose out of her own journey, 20 years of multiple eating disorders and a life long initiation through anxiety and depression. She's the author of seven books and courses including Overcoming Sugar Addiction. 

In this book she shares exactly how she did it so you can do the same - without feeling deprived, resentful, or like a food cop.
Karly Randolph Pitman, author
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'Comforts, educates, and inspires' on path to less sugar
A companion on your journey to break free of sugar binges
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Reader reviews on
Examples of what you'll learn:
  • Karly's story and what experiences resulted in her wearing six different sizes of clothing in one year as a result of sugar binges (page 21)
  • How to get ready for a time of sugar detox, understanding your choice of method is yours to make. (page 25)
  • Why _________ is the foundation of your whole day, when making a transition to less sugar. (page 26)
  • The number one question to ask yourself when feelings of resistance start to overwhelm you. (page 27)
  • The critical non-food element to add to your life before starting a detox. (page 30)
  • A simple but shocking preparation you must do up-front for the redeeming perspective it gives later when the going gets rough. (page 33)
  • The counter-intuitive response to feelings of sadness and pain, and how this response shifts what could otherwise result in another binge. (page 36)
  • Why you cannot do this all on your own, and ideas for who can come alongside you during the transition. (pages 41 & 52)
  • What a sugar detox process looks like and how you can follow a process from Day 1 to Day 7 and beyond. (pages 47 and 55)
  • When is the best time to start a detox, saving yourself from seasonal and holiday factors that can derail your best laid plans. (page 50)
  • What to do with your 'weight loss goals' while you're detoxing from sugar, and how this tempers your inevitable feeling of 'Oh, what the hell!' (page 59)
  • How to respond when you slip up and eat sugar again, and how to retrain the critical voices in your head. (page 63)
  • How to avoid trading one harmful compulsion -- sugar -- for another compulsion just as exhausting -- questing for the perfect diet. (page 69)
  • Why food 'rules' can become a 'cop out' that prevents us from dealing with the more important matters of __________.  (page 75)
  • How to soften anxiety about food rules and aim for emotional freedom from food dogma. (page 79)
  • The 8 phases of sugar abstinence and how you'll feel as you move through each phase. (page 85)
  • Why 'sitting with our stuff', why inquiring about how we feel and why, needs to be as much a part of your process as smart grocery shopping. (page 91)
  • What to do at restaurants and when out shopping when sugar cravings rise up. (page 104)
  • Six proven tactics for navigating holidays when exposed to foods that would otherwise overwhelm our willpower. (110 plus bonus chapter 7, page 159)
  • The difficult fact about giving up sugar is that it will prompt you to face the 'real' enemy, and it's not sugar... (page 123)
  • How to recognize the limits of what being 'sugar free' can do for your life, and what comes next. (page 129)
  • Why meeting your 'real' needs becomes important after sugar, if you are to sustain a life without sugar binges. (page 137)
  • What to do when you mess up, and how to move on (page 149) plus an entire chapter (9) on discouragement and frustration.
  • Why emotional 'freedom' comes in a form that feels like the ultimate irony, and what that form is...  (page 174)
  • What is the surprising ingredient on the path to healing and long-term freedom from the sugar cravings. (page 205)
Reader reviews of
Overcoming Sugar Addiction
Justin Bingham

Overcoming Sugar Addiction is such a beautiful book! First, we’re taught how to gently detox from sugar, by courageously, structurally, and caringly preparing our bodies, minds, spirits, and loved ones. Then, we learn how, with tenderness and compassion, we can venture into a lifelong process of sugar freedom.

Giving us a glimpse of her own life, Karly shows us practicalities and possibilities of food selection and preparation. In a most supportive manner, she helps us see how it really is possible to have, both, sugar abstinence and a relaxed approach to eating. And then, once we’ve gotten through our sugar detox, we’re giftedly instructed on how we can replace our old thinking with new; and how we can create structures that will support us in our quest for a lifetime of sugar abstinence.

Justin Bingham, California, USA
Esther Piszczek

When I read Karly’s book Overcoming Sugar Addiction for the first time, I could not believe that someone “out there” understood my struggle with sugar in such an intimate way. Reading her story felt like reading my own. In her kind, soothing, and understanding way, she shared that I was not alone, she too had obsessed, binged, and raged against sugar’s all consuming hold over her mind, body, and emotions.

In her revelatory book she has created a step-by-step guide to healing sugar addiction through understanding, love and compassion for one’s deeper self. Karly’s dedication to helping those struggling with sugar addiction and binge eating patterns has been a true blessing in my life. I highly recommend her work if you have ever struggled with sugar, in any way.

Esther Piszczek
Kaitlin Garvey

Everything you write encapsulates this journey for me– it’s unbelievable. I just finished the most recent edition of Overcoming Sugar Addiction; and I am elated, light, inspired and assured. This mix of emotions is due to the fact that every day I feel a sense of deeper healing and commitment from sugar. Thank you for helping me find 2 years of sugar abstinence.

You are truly guiding my destiny, a destiny that I knew I needed to live out long before finding you. I think that’s why it’s so profound to me. I cannot express how grateful I am to have you as a trailblazer and leader, in a territory that is so unfamiliar. Your understanding is such a blessing.

Kaitlin Garvey, New York, USA
Joan Jacobs

Karly’s deeply compassionate heart, makes her abilities unsurpassed in addressing the sensitive issues connected to our painful eating habits and body image.

Her comprehensive and holistic mind, body and spirit approach, provided me with the tools I needed to move gently and lovingly down the path of healing. I greatly appreciate the gifts she so lovingly and generously shares.

Joan Jacobs
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